Jamal Amin Siad Mohamoud Ali Sutio Marna  

Rules for directors:

The story has to be filmed within a 2 kilometers radius of your house.
It can take the form of fiction, documentary or poetry.
Recommended length is about 3 minutes (only recommended).
Language is of your own choice.
You will have 2-3 days for recording. There will be staff for camera and sound available to you.
You will have one role of 10 minute 16mm film at your disposal. The sound will be recorded separately.
150 Euro budget is available for extra materials (we hope to expand this).
Due to the limited amount of 16mm material, we recommend that you plan the shooting very well, and if possible to make a detailed storyboard.
For post-production you will be invited in august to Copenhagen for two days to work on your film with an external professional film editor.
After the recordings we will ask you through your network of friends and family to send the crew you used to a similar suburb in Europe, so that you can help us finding another professional storyteller.