Jamal Amin Actors Shooting Scenes from the film




First film:
Title: Storkene
Director: Jamal Amin
Shooting: The suburb Vollsmose at the outskirts of Odense, DK.
Date: Saturday June 20 2009.

Film pitch.
Two characters, a women and a man both in their mid twenties. The guy is of other ethnic background and the women are Danish. They are old classmates from 15 years ago. One day they meet each other near Vollsmose by coincidence. They great each other and start talking about old days. In the meantime a bicyclist loose control and collide into the guy. He turns around and looks angry with the cyclist. She is young girl and calls him "Parki." This makes him angry and he tells her back that she is ugly. Meantime his friend helps the girl up from the bike. The little girl takes off while she calls him a bastard. He then turns around and starts arguing with his friend blaming her for helping up the girl up. This turns into a larger argument about all the ills of the Danish society. The Camera tilts up as the arguments escalate.
Duration about 4-6 minutes.

On the way to Europe
I was dreaming to be a butterfly or a sparrow
On the way to Europe
I dreamt that I was walking on water
On the way to Europe
I was like a stork looking for his nest
But after hard years
I became a small herb
On an icy mountain

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