Siad Mohamoud Ali Actors Shooting Scenes from the film



Second film:
Title: Werkvergever Gezocht
Director: Siad Mohamoud Ali
Shooting day 1: The suburb at the outskirts of Eindhoven, Netherlands
Date: Saturday June 27 2009.
Shooting day 2: City Centre og Eindhoven
Date: Sunday June 28 2009

Film pitch
Mark wakes up one morning and gets out of his bed. In the bathroom he washes his face. After he’s got dressed he drinks his cup of coffee and reads the newspaper. Then he goes to work.

When he arrives at his work he realized something terrible has happened. The company where he works has gone bankrupted.

When he gets back home he sit down on the couch. Crazy about the fact he doesn’t have his work anymore he finally switches on the TV. Hours later and many cans of beer he goes to bed. The next day he gets up in the afternoon. Then the same story repeats itself. He is restless and doesn’t know what to do.

A couple of days later he finally decides to try and find a new job. He searches the newspaper for advertisements and circles them with a marker. After many calls he realize there are no jobs. The worldwide recession has stroke him after all.

Mark decides to get out and show his problem to the world. He grabs a piece of cardboard and a marker and starts writing. He walks to the city holding the cardboard sign in front of him. He walks through the streets. People, who passes by is looking strangely at him. Some point at him. Some laugh. The cardboard tells Marks problem: “Fired! Looking for work!”

He keeps walking through the City. More people are looking at him. But then, not far from him, he see something. A girl walking also holding a piece of cardboard: “Nurse looking for a job”. He looks over his shoulder, he sees a man behind him who’s telling the world he used to be a plummer.  Across the street there are more people, some on the sidewalk, some on balconies of their apartments. All holding signs: Looking for jobs.

When he finally stops walking he finds himself on the middle of the street,standing between a crowd of people all holding cardboard signs.

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